7 Ways Realtors Can Use Video to Grow Real Estate Business Faster

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Wise and successful realtors know that homebuyers position videos as an informative online source for home search. And with the use of the right videos, even a new real estate business can thrive in a competitive market.

To market successfully to your potential buyers, you need to know two things about video marketing: the types of videos and how to promote them. There are plenty of options to choose from when you want to create videos to portray your real estate business successfully.

Therefore, this article will take you from basic yet powerful real estate video genres to untapped but effective ones. A mix of these video types will help you gain more traction than your competitors and non-video users.

Introduction Video

Made for business visibility, an introduction video is an important part of your content marketing strategy when you create real estate videos. Use it as a brand awareness tool and share your qualifications, unique way of doing business, etc.

An introduction video puts a face to your business, which is a must in real estate if you want to sound authentic. It serves as an “about me” video where you introduce your services to potential clients and what they can achieve with your services.

There are multiple ways to introduce yourself through video. Include your achievements, reviews from past clients, a headshot, and contact info. If you want viewers to remember you, make it engaging, use animation videos to tell your story and speak of your achievements.

Listing Video

Although common in real estate video marketing, a listing video reserves the top spot. It reigns supreme because it seamlessly fits all stages of a marketing funnel.

A listing video includes a detailed property tour to impress top of the funnel leads. Whereas tweaking it with a captivating story and CTA helps turn the bottom of the funnel leads into buyers.

Why tell about a house when you can show it to the buyers. It provides an immersive virtual experience that makes potential clients want to contact you.

In a listing video, you can highlight beautiful fountain shots, aerial footage of the whole property covering acreage and landscaping, views and vistas through windows, connectivity between rooms and more.

There are multiple platforms to share your listing videos. Apart from listing itself, share it on social media, your website and anywhere you feel like promoting it.

Repurpose a listing video with a few tweaks in a real estate video editor. With a range of real estate templates available for free, add text, pair photos with videos, and tell a story to make it more appealing.

Educational Video

Homebuyers often find themselves stuck with questions like “which locality is best for me”, “is it worth investing in a property”, and “how much can I afford?”

An educational video lets you answer such queries and explain your industry’s concept and know-how. Showcase your expertise as you solve the viewers’ problems.

Such a video helps you guide them towards a buying decision and helps you get discovered for a particular search query. Embed educational video with a blog post on your website or YouTube.

Besides, expand your reach by targeting different groups. Have a tips video for home sellers about how to stage your house for an open house. Or tips to choosing the right real estate agent and subtly point at your services.

Virtual Open House Video

Virtual open house videos are gaining popularity as they allow buyers to take a remote tour. This type of video provides an immersive experience to viewers. Viewers get more time to interact without compromising their schedules or appointments.

Virtual tours can also be done using Matterport, which lets you digitise your house automatically. It creates an accurate house twin for an immersive, 3D experience. With Matterport equipment, you can create 4K images and high-resolution scans of every room.

Social Media Videos

Reveal fun aspects of your business on social media to gain more traction. Social media platforms are great for brand awareness; short-form real estate videos are your friends.

The best types of real estate videos for social media are:

Live streaming – Facebook live stream is beneficial in getting more leads for your real estate business. It addresses the people’s fear of missing out on a house tour or event of their interest. When live streaming, using a hashtag or location relevant to the public event gets more attention. Some live streaming ideas include community events and the inauguration of new services in the locality. In addition, you can become a newscaster or real estate celebrity using live streams.

Stories and reels – Stories feature is now available on all social media platforms – from Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and YouTube. For those who are camera conscious or just beginning with video marketing, Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, and snap stories become quick shots of engaging, to the point information. In fact, almost all real estate video editors come with a feature to edit your videos for social media stories.

Short-form videos – Before you can sell, build rapport with your potential buyers. Meet them where they spend most of their internet time, which is their social media feed.

To captivate the prospects, despite their short attention spans, you need captivating, short-form videos for your social media feed. Make it both engaging and valuable. Some video content ideas are: behind-the-scenes videos or a day in the life of a realtor, time-lapse renovation/construction videos, slideshow of premium properties, drone footage of the locality, case study/before and after comparison videos.

Market Updates Video

Show off expertise with a market updates video spanning a wide range of subjects. There’s a good chance your clients and buyers are not abreast with market news like you.

You can do the boring update work for them and make it interesting. Compile recent sales data, information about new construction techniques, and housing data for a particular community, town or country. Convert it into educational but engaging videos.

The best way to represent market research and data is by using animation videos. Doodle and whiteboard videos help emulate such information in an intriguing way.

Since you are already market-savvy and have a PowerPoint presentation highlighting all the necessary data for your reference, the work ahead is easier. You only have to add those slides in a video editor.

Keep it concise, easy to digest, and present with a story to build curiosity. Introducing FOMO and revealing the benefits of knowing such data. Add CTAs to encourage them to subscribe for more content. Add these videos to your website and YouTube channel with annotations and apt descriptions.


Add testimonial videos to landing pages, branding videos, and social media ads if you want to tell your potential clients or subtly impress them. It provides an excellent opportunity to showcase what past clients find great about your services. While it also acts as a cue to tell the world you have a positive track record.

One way to create a real estate testimonial video is to take a problem/solution approach. It means how you solved a problem for your clients uniquely. Take them through a slideshow of multiple client reviews using property photos and the client’s actual video feedback.