A Simple Guide to Butt Lift Treatment

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Generally, how you look determines your overall sense of self-worth and personal value. A buttock is an area of the body that may influence how you carry yourself and interact with people. An appealing buttock is tighter, plumper, and rounder. If you look forward to having a McLean butt lift surgery to enhance your behind, look no further than Sanctuary Cosmetic Center. Before you embark on the treatment, here is what your doctor would like you to know.

What is a Butt Lift?

The surgical procedure discards excess fat and skin, particularly around the buttocks. The remaining fat is then realigned to result in a butt and body with appealing shape and size.

Why you may need a Butt Lift

As you age, it is expected that your skin changes by becoming looser. Often, that results from several factors, including exposure to the sun, weight fluctuations, and genetic-related issues. The factors will make you have sagging body parts, including your butt.

The effectiveness of a butt lift depends on its combination with other procedures for body contouring. Moreover, understand that the surgical procedure will not change skin health and quality.

You may need a Butt Lift Treatment Solution if you:

  • Lost plenty of weight, but the weight is now relatively stable for months
  • Are obese and proper dieting and exercising has not been successful in solving the issue
  • Have a weight that is normal but desire a significant improvement in the shape of your body and butt
  • Have undergone liposuction, but it has not solved the poor elasticity of your skin due to aging

However, your doctor may discourage you from the butt lift solution because of your lifestyle choices and prevailing health condition. The surgery is not for those who smoke, are unstable mentally, and have dangerous chronic illnesses like diabetes.

For instance, smoking minimizes the distribution of blood in your skin, decreasing the process of natural healing and recovery. A smoker may also suffer from more health complications. Therefore, the recommendation is that you should always quit smoking before butt lift treatment and in the course of recovery.

Preparing for the Procedure

When preparing for a butt lift treatment procedure, you may also need to avoid using certain medications and maintain a relatively stable weight. Some over-the-counter medications like aspirin and even herbal medicines may trigger abnormal bleeding.

Also, arrange for a means of transport to take you home and keep yourself hydrated during and after surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will examine your medical history, perform physical examinations, and discuss the possible results of the procedure.

As you discuss expectations about butt lift treatment, ensure you also understand possible risks like incision scars, slow wound healing, and accumulation of fluid beneath your skin. The risk effects can be minimized to have a less troublesome treatment.

That is why you should only use the service of a plastic surgery expert.

Contact Sanctuary Cosmetic Center today to get butt lift treatment to give you that look you have always dreamt of.