Different Types of CCTV Cameras

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Shopping for CCTV cameras online will yield a lot of options, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re completely overwhelmed on what to buy.

There are different types of CCTVs, each with their own purpose. It’s best to get familiar with them so you can get the most value for your money.

Day or Night CCTV

Day/Night cameras are devices that have special lens or features for seeing in areas that have adequate to poor lighting. They work better outdoors and can ‘see’ well even in direct sunlight or total darkness. An extra-sensitive chip allows these cameras to work via infrared or night vision.


HD, or high definition cameras have the highest frame rates and viewing quality out of all CCTVs. It can capture things in excellent detail and allow the user to zoom in and make out things clearly.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless cameras are easy to install as they don’t require wiring or cables. You can put them almost anywhere they’re needed without having to worry about powering them up. These devices have their own power source and connect to the viewing monitor wirelessly via Wi-Fi.


These are dome-shaped cameras that are often seen in banks, businesses and retail shops. The ‘dome’ protects and shields the camera inside and makes it difficult for the casual bystander to determine where it’s pointing at.

Bullet CCTV

Bullet CCTVs are shaped just like their namesake and are used in long-view areas, such as parking lots, alleys and backyards. Users can strengthen the equipment with protective casings and are usually durable in all kinds of weather. Some will have viewing lengths of up to 80 degrees and sport varifocal or fixed lens.


PTZs, or pan, tilt and zoom cameras can move depending on where you want them to focus. These devices can be controlled via app or software installed on a computer.