Don’t Be Fooled: Many Fakes But Only One Authentic T1 Tactical Watch

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The T1 Tact Watch is the  black smartwatch that has become the ‘do-it-all’ wristwear to have of 2020.  It’s durability is unrivaled by those of brands like Garmin, Apple, Samsung, etc.  The video(see: official YouTube) of the timepiece lying in fire has the web buzzing.  Because of this viral buzz, it’s no surprise then that fakes are appearing on online various online shops but they are not the same quality. To slam the issue,  T1TW has now added brand’s ‘crosshair’ logo onto the rear steel casing of their original ‘Midnight’ black model.

It’s easy to avoid fake smartwatches. The official on-line store of the brand is   This is an American Trademark registered with the U.S. Government ( see: USPTO.Gov ).

Similar, counterfeit websites operate under various ‘similar’ names but are not to be confused with the original “Midnight Diamond.’  The fakes on other websites are made of lower quality materials and sometimes even hazardous, including parts made of lead.

How to Verify an Authentic Tactical Watch

You can verify an authentic T1 in several ways, including just looking at Pinterest photos (see here). The most obvious would be to check the shipping location on the package you receive. T1 Tact Watch company’s trademark is registered to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (according to the USPTO website). The watch originated in that location but it’s now expanded to offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago, Illinois.

Those that get their smartwatches from other destinations, have counterfeit merch. If a brand new watch arrives from a store listed at any other global location, the brand denounces it’s authenticity. According to the T1 website, you should:

“Report the fraud to your credit card company and get a refund. Sellers of counterfeit will not have customer service to help you typically. They will also avoid refunding you.”

The case itself also features several details that give signs it’s the real thing. For example, the rear casing displays the T1 Tact Watch logo etched on the steel. Likewise, the circular dial on the surface casing shows the words “T1 TACT”.

A fake watch will not have these etchings nor the brand name on the watch dial.   However, many people don’t take the time to notice these details and end up falling for a similar product which won’t meet the high standards of a real T1 tactical watch.  The difference is clear however to some, as they have left reviews about the difference on facebook (go here: @T1TactWatch).

Black Smartwatch like 007, It Can Do-It-All

Few smartwatches deliver so many features & reliable durability at so low a cost. Despite the T1’s simple appearance, it has many apps for everything you may need. These include a stopwatch, passometer, backlight, remote camera, data analysis, and Android and IOS compatibility.

The watch is also military-inspired. This signifies the materials used to create teh smartwatch  can withstand more than your regular watch. The casing features a durable Gorilla glass and a heavy-duty stainless steel case.  

The T1 tactical watch ‘Midnight Diamond’ has a suggested retail price of $169.99. However, the brand has not pushed their on-line price that high yet.  It can still be purchased for $89.99 today.   Shipping is also free for US-clients.  It is only $23 for clients with international delivery addresses.

The price of this popular black smartwatch is $89 today but it may change soon.    Fans of the brand can testify that the classic ‘007’ style watch was only $69.99 this time last year.  The $20 price increase has come with announcements of internal technology upgrades and external brandings.  The T1 Tact Watch logo itself has become somewhat of a status symbol for the tactical career field workers and athletes.