Don’t Leave Your Dog In the Dark

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Knowing the feeling of driving into the driveway at night, the reason why the success of shopping makes you feel that you are not lighting the dog? me too. After I ran inside and stroked the dog, I always wanted to know: Is the dog still in the dark?

Not only that, is the dog safe in the dark? Did they see it?

Usually better night vision

Obviously, this may depend on your dog, but it turns out that this may also depend on the darkness of the house. Dog night vision is indeed better than people in low light. This is because they have a special structure at the back of the eye that reflects more light to the retina.

Therefore, your furry roommates look more at night than they look out, but this is because their eyes are better able to use a small amount of available light. From other illuminated windows, street lights or the moon said.

Pitching dark navigation

However, when it comes to darkness, the dog can see as good as we can see. almost none. Wait, but your dog can definitely enter the living room without light? I believe in you, but the opportunity is because he has the ability to quickly remember the layout of the room.

For example: This summer, we had a power outage for five nights in the town. The dogs walked very well until I moved some eject boxes in the kitchen. Dusty stumbled on the way because he couldn’t see them, and they weren’t there when he was in the kitchen last time.

Therefore, your dog may be able to navigate your home in the dark with just memory. It is easier for them to have street lights or other light sources on the windows. They are also outside at night.But Do Dogs Like the Dark?

This may be a generic “depending on your dog” answer, but I think there is still a lot. The biggest question is: Does your dog feel safe in the dark? If she does, then if you forget to turn on the light, she may not be against you.

My chocolate lab Wuppy likes to completely cover his cage, except the door. When he could sneak into my closet, he also slept in my closet. However, only in the case of someone in the house. Otherwise, he would not feel safe, and the complete darkness made him cry. That’s why his cage is in my office – the street light shines on the window.

Cody likes to turn on the TV to let him stay with him at night, but Dusty just sees darkness as a good opportunity to play.

Signs that your dog is afraid of darkness

If your dog is alone in the dark without any signs of frustration, then he may agree. Here are some things to keep in mind:

– Garbage is eliminated by drugs.

– They tore things.

– Your dog is very uncomfortable when you go home.

– They went to the bathroom in the room.

– You find that they are hidden.

– Injured paws, just as they dig at the door.

Also, be sure to ask your neighbor if your dog is barking if you are gone. If your dog usually does any of these things when he leaves, it’s hard to say. However, if you habitually perform these behaviors when you leave, they may have separation anxiety.

If you are still not sure if darkness is one of the things your dog is afraid of, then Lohasled dusk to dawn night lights may make their potential anxiety disappear.