Expert Tips for interior lighting

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Many people’s demand for lighting has far exceeded the basic needs such as lighting. Let’s just say that there is only a ceiling lamp on my head, which makes me feel unsatisfied … After a busy day in the office and entering my own home, of course I am “the king of the world”. The lights must be warm and warm. 100% relaxation of body and mind ~ When it comes to holidays or dates, it’s not easy to get the male goddess (or goddess) into the house, more romantic lights will add points, and the walking hormones may erupt at any time. The smaller you live, so many people live in the same small space, and everyone should have a relatively private space. All hope that the lights are designed. Should you design the lights well? Why use this? Lighting design, here is more about light design. The shape of the lamp will not be discussed here.

Basic interior lighting knowledge

There are many types of home lighting layouts: basic lighting, Lohasled e12 led bulbs lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

Basic lighting: Many people’s ceiling lamps in their homes are basic lighting, providing a comprehensive and uniform lighting for the room. Commonly used lamps include ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and downlights. The textbook says, “Ceiling lights and chandeliers are selected as the main lights of the room, and the diameter of the lamps is 1/10 ~ 1/8 of the diagonal length of the room.” Is it still an arithmetic problem to choose a lamp? In fact, if the living room is not as small as only 10 square meters, the diameter of the lamp can start at 80cm.

I personally like to use ceiling fan lights, two-in-one combination of ceiling fans and ceiling fans in the living room. Before the summer solstice, when the air conditioner is turned on and the air conditioner is not turned on, the ceiling fan is just right. . With the use of downlights for basic lighting, there is no concept of a main light. A group of several downlights illuminate the space. The position and number of downlights are set according to the size of the room. The downlight can be embedded in the ceiling or exposed as a surface.

Recessed downlight (basic lighting) key lighting: When you read and write, you definitely need a reading light, dedicated reading lighting; when you are cutting vegetables on the operating table, you need several lights to illuminate the chopping board … like this, when When you perform a job or illuminate a prominent area, it is accent lighting, also called functional lighting. Common lamps include spotlights, downlights, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps.

Cabinet bottom light (emphasis lighting) decorative lighting: decorative lighting in lamps and lanterns, to enhance the change of space and layering, to create a certain atmosphere of the environment. Similar to the “vase” in the movie, “the value is justice”. Common lights include light strips, light strings, wall lamps, table lamps, spotlights, light strings (decorative lighting), light strips (decorative lighting)

The relationship between accent lighting, decorative lighting, and basic lighting is just like the “dot-line surface” commonly used in mathematics.

Lighting Tips for Every Room

The living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, assume different functions in life, and each has its own focus when it comes to the lighting.

Living room

The living room is a place for the whole family to meet, chat, entertain and listen. Some people may also set up workbenches and reading corners in the living room. These different living scenes can be completed by changing the lighting. If the living room does not have a suspended ceiling, then you can consider [main lamp (basic lighting) + spotlight / surface mounted downlight (decorative lighting) + table lamp / floor lamp (functional lighting)] lighting combination. If the sofa background wall is a photo wall or decorative painting, it is particularly suitable to use spotlights / downlights to highlight the point. The downlight above the TV is also very important, reducing the brightness difference between the TV picture and the back, and alleviating visual fatigue. Multi-headed chandelier (basic lighting) + surface-mounted downlight (decorative lighting) + table lamp / floor light (emphasis lighting) If the brightness of the downlight around the room is strong, you can also choose an atmospheric floor lamp as the main light in the living room, which also serves as the focus The role of lighting. Floor lamp (basic lighting / emphasis lighting) + recessed downlight / light strip (decorative lighting) Install a light strip on the top surface, using reflected light, can emit soft light, and does not need a ceiling, just use gypsum board to hide the light Just take it.

The strip of light can also increase the sense of space in the space and play a role in visual expansion. Multi-headed chandelier (basic lighting) + strip (decorative lighting) + table lamp (emphasis lighting) If you are doing a ceiling, you can consider [recessed downlight (basic lighting) + strip (decorative lighting) + table lamp / floor lamp (functional Lighting)] light combination. The fresh air system, central air conditioner, and recessed downlight are hidden into the suspended ceiling, which is more neat and orderly. Recessed downlight (basic lighting) + strip (decorative lighting) + table lamp / floor lamp (emphasis lighting) friends who like to read on the sofa, when choosing floor lamp or table lamp, it is best to choose a light arm and lamp cover that can move flexibly, In this way, whether you are sitting or lying, you can move the lamp at any time to ensure that the light shines on the book to meet different reading needs.


The bedroom is a space for rest. Soft and comfortable lighting and user-friendly switch control are particularly important. If on the cold winter night, I got into the quilt and cleaned the quilt, but I forgot to turn off the lights and the switch was out of reach. What a painful thing ~~~ Because the bedroom needs soft light, it can even be Consider lighting without main lights, use [downlights / spotlights / light strips] to provide basic lighting, key areas such as bedside lamps / wall lamps, wardrobes use induction wardrobe lights, floor lamps for the elderly can also be designed for the night Senior man offers a soft night light. In some high-end hotels, the lighting design is very particular, and there are many lights, but they are not dazzling, but they are very warm and comfortable (of course, some people are not used to it, and it is too dim). In his own bedroom, he also borrowed from the hotel’s lighting design, using several lighting sources with different heights to enrich the bedroom’s lighting, which is soft, does not hurt the eyes, and helps sleep. In addition, the basic lighting ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and light strips need to use dual control switches (one switch at the door position, one switch at the bedside). After lying down, you are not afraid to turn off the lights. You can turn them off anyway. Light strip (decorative lighting & basic lighting) + table lamp / floor light (emphasis lighting) Install a light strip in the middle or under the shelf, just like the eye of a person puts eyeliner on it, enlarges both eyes, and increases the beauty.

The light strips on the shelves can bring light and space to the room, and also make the display on the shelves more prominent. Light strip (decorative lighting & basic lighting) Top recessed downlight (basic lighting) + wall recessed downlight (decorative lighting) + table lamp (emphasis lighting) Friends who are used to reading before bedtime, choose table lamps / floor lamps, be sure to pay attention Practicality. I personally think that the three-headed floor lamp is a good choice. One lamp hits the book, and the other two lamps can selectively shine in the overall environment, reducing the light difference between the book and the environment, and protecting eyesight. There is also a kind of feel, with a slight style, which is very popular in Europe and the United States: a super long chandelier, a long hanging feeling, strong decorative, and decorative painting together to form a beautiful picture. During the festival, there are also romantic small light strings decorated above the bed or nightstand, and the world instantly becomes a beautiful world! There is another place in the bedroom that has a greater demand for lamps, and that is the wardrobe. With the lights, I feel that the clothes are a bit high-end. It is recommended to install led induction lights in the closet. It doesn’t matter if there are no sockets around the closet. Universal Taobao has plug-in models, charging models, and battery models.

Dining room

The requirements for restaurant lights are relatively simple, generally using chandeliers. The warm yellow light can make the dishes attractive and more appetizing. There are only three points to note: 1. The restaurant must install separate lamps, and it must be a chandelier. Other lights are not as good as a chandelier. Gua, a friend, I feel that the living room is bright enough during the decoration, and the restaurant has not installed any lamps. I regret it now … 2. It is advisable that the chandeliers are 65cm-80cm away from the tabletop, which can ensure that the tabletop is evenly illuminated. Effect, the whole family can enjoy the meal happily ~ 3. The lamp head of the chandelier should be downward, so that the color of the dishes is attractive; if the lamp head is upward, it can only provide the restaurant with an overall uniform light, and it cannot focus on the dining table, instead of Functional lighting slightly. The lamp head is up, the focus is not prominent; the lamp head is down, the dishes look more delicious.


Many household kitchen lights are led square lights integrated in the ceiling, generally located in the center of the room, which can meet the basic lighting of the kitchen. However, we still have functional requirements in the kitchen, such as cutting vegetables and brushing dishes. The back of the person blocks the light source, so we also need to provide independent light sources in the preparation area and washing area. Especially in the vegetable preparation area, cutting vegetables and chopping meat are all knives, and the light source must be sufficient, so the bottom lamp is essential. For the needs of cabinet bottom lights, before the early hydropower renovation, the cabinet designer needs to tell the designer to add a lamp when he first visits the door. The designer will consider the placement of the lamp when designing the cabinet and the utility. , Reserve lights in advance.


The bathroom light is similar to the kitchen, with an integrated ceiling light as the main feature. For boys, lighting is no problem. But for girls who love makeup, it is far from enough. We want the front of the make-up mirror to be bright, so that it looks good when you draw it. Do not believe that you have to ask the designer before the hydro-power transformation. Otherwise, you can only rely on the pat light to remedy it. To sum up, simpler, the principle of lighting design is simpler … as long as the light source is a bit wired, there are high, medium, and low; in the design process, the life trajectory of you and your family is simulated, taking into account the key functional requirements.Then you must have scored 99 points, and the remaining 1 point, I will say it later.