From IoT to Signal Strength: Solve these Internet Connection problems with a Commercial Router

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Cellular routers, either for commercial, personal or industrial uses, have been around for a while now. However, many users who would have benefitted from the many goodies they bring on board do not even know what they are missing out on by not having one of these important pieces of equipment in their corner.

If you are constantly facing any of the following problems, it might be time to get your cellular router too.

Problem #1 – Constantly Losing Connection

A lot of things happen on the average business day, and there is almost no time to handle them all. Thus, it is never a good time to lose network connectivity at all.

Sometimes, this can happen due to downtime from your main network provider. In such cases, a dual SIM network router like the Robustel R3000 Lite will help you switch seamlessly between network providers till your main network provider is back online.

At other times, the problem could be that you are in a connection signal blind spot. Instead of moving your workspace, all you have to move is the router – and you are back online!

Problem #2 – Cost of Connection

Installing a hard line in your office, a job site or any other location will guarantee your internet connection, no doubt, but at what cost?

A commercial router will get you the same connection with solid signal strength at a massive fraction of the same cost. Besides, you also have to save on having to commit to a single network provider who can fail on your hard line since you can seamlessly switch between the best connectivity services based on wherever you are at the moment.

Problem #3 – Data Protection and Privacy

One of the easiest ways to get into your sensitive files and steal important information from you is by hacking the very network on which your devices are hosted.

Many network providers give you the basic network security packages with their offerings and no more. Especially when you are dealing with IoT devices that are notorious for carrying barebones security protocols, you would have to put in some firewalls and measures to ensure constant data privacy.

You never have to worry about that when you have a VPN cellular router. These IoT solutions come with numerous servers and high-grade encryption technology (the best services use 256-bit protocols), helping to keep all of your connected units safe on the same network.

Problem #4 – Geo-blocking and Content Censorship

So, you have to work in some remote location but cannot seem to access services that you used to be able to? You might have just become the target of some content geo-blocking or censorship – based on where you are in the world.

These work on the principle of excluding some locations from being able to access certain content – which could be accounts, apps, websites, or other services – on the internet. Given how a VPN router will pack quite the array of servers in different parts of the world, all you have to do is connect to a supported server location to get access again.