Helpful Avenues for Patent Research

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Any aspiring inventor or entrepreneur who has done their homework is aware of the inescapable necessity of patents to protect intellectual property and the ownership of ideas in any given industry. With this in mind, any individual wishing to build a business on a new idea or invention should make sure they have not infringed on anyone’s intellectual property. As you may be aware, patent infringement constitutes using ideas, technology, equipment, or methods patented by others. If you are guilty of patent infringement, you could lose large sums of money in court. To avoid this painful outcome, it is important to do your due diligence by conducting patent research through all available avenues.

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind related to patent research is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The Patent and Trademark Office has all official records related to inventions and patents dating back centuries ago. You can usually find any ideas similar to your invention after typing in related search terms using the search function on the USPTO’s website. If you are planning to apply for patents outside of the United States, you can also find similar patent-related international organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Office, which manages patents in multiple countries at once. The WIPO helps inventors file patents in multiple countries because the Patent Cooperation Treaty has garnered the cooperation of 153 countries in its mission to protect intellectual property worldwide. Because of this treaty, inventors can also request an International Search Report to confirm whether a specific concept or idea has already been patented in certain countries.

Another useful tool outside of these official avenues is IDiyas helps inventors keep track of recent developments related to patents and innovations in their chosen fields. By giving inventors a ranking and tracking their patents, IDiyas provides a more current and comprehensive picture of competitors and collaborators who are revolutionizing different industries. IDiyas also tracks patents across organizations such as companies, universities, and banks. The website also tracks collaborations between different inventors, making it one of the most exhaustive resources for patent research available today.

Another beneficial resource for new inventors is hiring a good patent attorney who has your best interests in mind. Because patent attorneys are experts in patent law, they can help you avoid patent infringement through a detailed and technical analysis of the laws and patents in your industry. Patents are often interpreted to the letter, so it is important to understand how courts and law interpret language and concepts. The right patent attorney will ensure you always have the advantage when drafting your patent documents.

Be sure to pursue all necessary avenues before filing your patents. Once you have confirmed the validity of your patents, don’t be afraid to keep pushing the boundaries and pursuing new ideas in science and business. It is only through continuous innovation that progress has been sustained throughout history, so add your voice to the list of individuals who have benefited society through their contributions.

 How Can Help You With Your Patent Research

Patent research is an essential part of introducing a new invention or business idea to specific industries. Inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses need to know if their ideas have already been patented so they can avoid costly legal disputes and potential patent infringement. The first step in any good patent research plan is to search through established patents and determine if your idea or concept has already been patented by someone else.

When most people think of patent research, they immediately think of official channels such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While it is a necessity to check the USPTO for patents that may have a similar description to your idea or invention, you may also need a tool that can help you track patents and their inventors so you can understand industry trends during your exploratory research. was conceived not only as a way to comprehensively track patents and patent trends but also as a way to celebrate the achievements of innovators all over the world who are pushing the limits of their respective industries through new ideas and inventions. IDiyas is a database, a forum for collaboration, and a place of inspiration for STEM students all in one. It allows users to track USPTO data weekly and also allows them to see the most prominent inventors and their patents per geographical area.

IDiyas also gives users the opportunity to track intriguing trends such as the processing time for patent grants and the top inventors by country and gender. IDiyas has given all inventors on its website rankings based on criteria such as the volume of their granted patents, their specialties, and the quality of their granted patents. Through these rankings, IDiyas aims to celebrate inventors and give them a voice, since there are thousands of faces behind well-used patents that do not get enough credit for their accomplishments.

IDiyas also allows people to track patent attorneys and their customers since having a good patent attorney is a necessity for any aspiring inventor. Patent attorneys are experts in the specific field of patent law, which means they know the ins and outs of patentability and patent language. The specificity of patent language can be the deciding factor in patent infringement cases, and an experienced patent attorney can help ensure you have the advantage if anyone tries to sue you for infringing on intellectual property. You can easily find the right patent attorney for your needs by doing research on an attorney’s record and past clients through

For these reasons, is a helpful supplementary tool for any inventor’s patent research. Like the inventors and patents it tracks, IDiyas is poised to continue growing and innovating according to its users’ needs. Be sure to explore’s capabilities as you think of new ideas for your chosen industry and field of study. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to reach out to inventors on the website who share your passions and knowledge. You never know when you’ll find your next trusted collaborator.