HomePod will arrive in Japan and Taiwan on August 23

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Although it was announced more than two years ago, HomePod is only available in a small number of countries. However, little by little it is reaching new territories, Japan and Taiwan is its next destination.

The first rumors suggested that the HomePod would arrive in the Asian country in May last year, but it was not. According to Gizmodo Japan, the wait is about to end because Apple’s smart speaker will arrive in Japan this summer, although there is still no specific date.

In the smart speaker sector, Apple’s HomePod is the newest member. The main difference from its competitors is its sound quality, which is superior to that of the Amazon Echo Plus and Google Home.

Since its announcement in June 2017 and its limited presence in the Anglo-Saxon market, Apple HomePod has been expanding to other territories in these two years until being available in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and China, beyond the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. In a few days, you will also arrive in Japan and Taiwan.

At the beginning of last July, it was known that the intelligent speaker of Cupertino’s would also arrive in Japan during this summer, although there was no specific date. Now it has been known that it will be on August 23 when it officially lands in Japan and Taiwan.

This was a matter of time. The iOS 12.4 update, available since the end of July, added support for more countries to the HomePod. Regarding the price, in Japan, it will cost 32,800 yen (277.98 euros) and in Taiwan 9,900 new dollars (283.36 euros), which is about 10 to 15 dollars more expensive than in the United States, as MacRumors comments.