How Does a Flue Gas Heat Recovery System Work?

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A Flue Gas Heat Recovery System recycles heat generated within flue gases from your boiler and other similar equipment. The heat recovered can make the process much more efficient as it can pre-heat cold water in the boiler so you won’t have to expend more energy to get it to the optimal temperature level.

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How Can Gas Heat Recovery Help Boiler Systems?

Today’s most efficient boiler units can only operate to about 90% efficiency, with most of the heat dissipating into the atmosphere as waste flue gas.

With the help of a heat recovery system, you can drive up efficiency and save you on energy bills and costs of production.

Moreover, the operational and installation costs of a heat recovery system is minimal, and yet can pay for itself over time. You can combine them with other renewable technologies to ensure nothing is wasted and that your facility is helping the environment.

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Gas Heat Recovery Advantages

The moment you decide to get a heat recovery system for your facility, you’re already making it more efficient. Less gas or energy is needed to bring your equipment or water to the desired temperature for production, which means you can get a lower utility bill.

Heat from flue gases often just escape into the atmosphere. Why not recover it and use it for your own? Most heat recovery systems are a fit and forget technology, which means you won’t need to maintain it compared to installing other renewable energy platforms.

Heat recovery is an excellent idea you should consider. For more info about heat recovery – click here: