How having DigitalOcean Daily Backups helped us

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DigitalOcean is the provider that hosts Loop21. It is a great service with a beautiful and simple user interface. We have chosen it because of its unique focus on developers’ needs. But there is one thing that was not enough for us: the backups offered by DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean backups

Basically, they are offering you the option to enable weekly backups for a Droplet or Volume by paying 20% of the Droplet/Volume price. Each backup will be created once per week and retained for 4 weeks.

This may be ok for static websites, but here at Loop21 we have at least several articles created each week and having only one backup per week is not enough.

DigitalOcean Daily Backups using

After googling for a solution to our problem, we found It allows you to connect your DigitalOcean account and schedule more frequent backups. You can choose from hourly up to daily backups. Furthermore, you can select to replicate your backups in up to 10 DigitalOcean regions at no extra cost.

Pricing and region replication

Since the backups are stored directly inside DigitalOcean’s infrastructure, you will have to pay 0.05$ per GB stored per month.

Another nice part of using Weap is that you can choose to replicate the backups in multiple DigitalOcean regions without paying more. This is much better than paying 20% of the Droplet/Volume price.


We are happy to use Weap in order to have Daily Backups for our DigitalOcean droplet and keep Loop21 safe & easily recoverable in case something bad happens.