How LED Ring Lights with a Stand Transform Your Smartphone Pictures

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Have you ever stumbled upon one of those really awesome, dynamic photos on Instagram and thought to yourself: How do they do that?

You might think they’re a professional or that they’re using really expensive equipment. They could even be using photo editing software. But more often than not they are making use of a simple tool that makes all the difference in photographs and video.

Meet the LED ring light with a stand, the gadget that professional photographers and videographers as well as social media mavens use to produce high-quality, top-notch photographs and videos that have dynamic colors and contrasts – all thanks to the lighting.

Here are four ways LED ring lights with stands to take your content to the next level:

It’s All in the Details

When you apply even lighting to a surface, you help bring out its details or even conceal those that you do not want showing. LED ring lights with stands provide maximum surface area coverage for targeted areas such that the subject is perfectly silhouetted in a warm light that highlights contours and erases shadows. Next time you see someone post an amazing selfie on Instagram, notice how even the dispersion of light is. Beyond that, notice when you look at most pictures of models or their faces you will note an almost even, shadowless appearance to their faces with details unobscured.

Macro Photography

Moving beyond the face and the subjects in a photograph, LED ring lights with stands also help make the setting of a photograph much more vibrant and pleasant. You can use the light to lessen shadows and create an even balance or even to highlight or intensify the light on one side while leaving darkness on the other.

Color Effects

Some LED ring lights come with color-adjustable settings that let you customize the color the light puts out for interesting effects when combined with a camera. You can also use these different colors strategically to give a cooler or warmer look to the picture you want to take. Basically, LED ring lights remove the need for the camera operator to be dependent on organic or environmental lighting and, instead, can help the photographer tailor the surroundings to their artistic needs.

Producing Videos

When producing movies or videos, whether it is a vlog or makeup tutorial, the even light that an LED ring light gives you helps make the production clear and easy to view while also giving it a professional polish. While video and photo editing software are capable of some pretty miraculous things, they often struggle to add light to an otherwise dark environment. As we’ve outlined above, the digital artist can’t really rely upon natural or organic sources of lighting to achieve the desired professional output that we so often see on social media. To do this, you need to add an LED light ring to give the scenes in your videos clarity and visual pop.