How This Former Banking and Technology Executive Bridges The Gap Between Corporate and Culture

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Giovanti Humphries overcame many obstacles to reach only the beginning of his success.

As the youth say, do it for the culture. Yet in corporate America, there is a clear distinction between their culture and the culture of the Mainstreet Americans. Giovanti Humphries, a former banking and technology executive turned entrepreneur has seen both sides. “I remember the perspective my less fortunate upbringing gave me, I still feel a strong connection to my community – I still feel like an underdog.” Having been a product of both institutional learning and learning much less formal, his educational journey has played a huge role in Giovanti becoming an authentic leader who can connect with people of all walks of life. He believes there are few things emerging leaders can do in order to connect with their audience while remaining authentic themselves.

Live your mission

“This one seems pretty simple, but don’t underestimate the power of your purpose in connecting with others.” Giovanti believes that it is important to make your intentions known and try to find common ground with people. “For most of us we want the same things, to be a good person, provide for our families, and to build a better life.” Giovanti says telling your story and aligning against common interests helps to bridge any gap, especially between corporate and culture.

Be Authentic

“Stay rooted, stay authentic. Authenticity is key” he says. Continuing on, he says when you are building an audience, a team, a following, a connection all of these benefit greatly from genuine authenticity. This means trying to narrow your focus on who you are aligning with, they should share your same values, and compete to execute the same vision. Even if this means leaving some behind along with way, being your authentic self will always prove a better path, for you and all of those around you.

Know your audience

“Listen more than talk.” I have always felt that being a good listener is a skill that is long forgotten in today’s day and age. In today’s world, it is even easier to be a good listener because people all over the globe are sharing their stories in real-time via social media. Take the time to soak it in, offer advice, provide guidance, create a welcoming environment. This will really help you engage your audience.

Do Extra as Often as Possible

“Whether this be giving back through philanthropy or taking time to coach over a Zoom call.” Giovanti says the best way to bridge the gap is to do what you say you will, and then some. People remember the way you made them feel, and if you go the extra mile it won’t be forgotten. Different people have taken different paths, and yet we’ve all ended up somewhere where we get to share those experiences. If you have the opportunity, help someone by doing extra.

From mentoring first-generation college students to raising money for select charities through California. Giovanti has spent much of his adult life trying to find a path that would allow him to spend time in the communities he grew up in, while also playing in the big leagues of corporate finance and entrepreneurship. If there is one thing that he won’t ever lose sight of, it is the fact that just because you made it doesn’t mean you can forget where you came from.