How to Use Dermal Fillers

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The skin on the face may change from prolonged exposure to the sun and radicals; aging may also lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and facial muscles sagging. Although you can choose to embrace these aging signs, you can look for ways to reverse the process. Dermal injections improve facial appearance and are injected directly under the skin. However, you should find a professional in dermal fillers in Willowbrook who is well trained. You may ask the dermatologist or beautician if they are certified to handle the dermal injections. The dermal injections are based on hyaluronic acids that naturally occur in the body, reducing fine lines and wrinkles appearance; here are areas where you can inject the dermal fillers.

The Lips

The dermal fillers can plump the lips; however, you should be careful when injecting the fillers in the lips as it is easy to over-plump. Your dermatologist should customize the fillers to meet the natural lip shape. The fillers should offer a subtle lip enhancement, even out the texture by filling the lines and creating symmetry.

The Cheeks

The cheeks are the number one area you can plump with the fillers as it is more prone to aging signs. If you participate in high-impact exercises like professional athletic activities, your cheeks might lose volume. However, the dermal fillers can increase the cheeks volume and restore the youthful appearance creating an energized look without the surgeries.

The Forehead Lines

The dermal injections fill the forehead lines with hyaluronic acid decreasing their appearance. It reduces the appearance of the static lines, which would be visible when the face is at rest. Moreover, unlike Botox, which paralyzes the facial muscles, dermal fillers do not paralyze the facial muscles.

Reshaping the Nose and Chin

The dermal fillers might act as a nonsurgical option that reshapes the chin, jawline, and nose, improving the side profile. It will eliminate the sagging skin below the chin, eliminating the need for surgical procedures.

Eliminate the Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines

Marionette lines can form around the mouth due to the overuse of the muscles for smiling, talking, and frowning. These lines add significantly to your age; fillers can easily eliminate the Marionette fine lines. The fillers restore the lost volume around the mouth, taking years off. On the other hand, the nasolabial folds are the smile lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth. You can also rectify these lines with the derma fillers.


Scars may create uneven texture indents on the face and other exposed skin areas; fortunately, you can smoothen the scars with dermal fillers. Thus, you can enjoy subtle non-surgical solutions to eliminate the scars on your face; removing the imperfections may lead to increased confidence.

Final Thoughts

You might develop fine lines on the face and lose cheek volume due to aging, overexposure to free radicals, and the sunlight. These fine lines may add years to your age, making you appear old. Fortunately, you can use dermal fillers to correct the fine lines and aging signs; however, your beautician should be trained to handle the injections. Good luck finding a dermatologist who can administer the dermal injections.