Importance Of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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Most people do not wish to hear the words “you require spine surgery.” Surgery of any kind is not a mean operation, and spine surgery presents unique challenges. Thanks to advances in technology, patients undergoing spine surgery in East Brunswick now have various treatment options. Minimally invasive spine therapy is one of the most popular treatments today. Here are a few benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery over traditional surgery:

1.      Quicker Recovery

Nobody enjoys being confined to a hospital bed. Most procedures can be performed outpatient with minimal downtime using minimally invasive surgery. Overall, recovery is less restrictive, resulting in a more pleasurable experience. Traditional surgery can be challenging to recover from if the pain is your primary concern. One significant advantage of minimally invasive spine surgery is that recovery is usually quick. Smaller incisions and less muscle damage result in less pain for you immediately after surgery and in the long run.

2.      Minimal Risks

In general, minimally invasive surgery carries a low risk. The health benefits are also evident when compared to traditional surgery. In contrast to large openings on the back and neck, minimally invasive spine surgery uses small incisions. As a result, the chance of infection is significantly reduced, and blood loss is minimal. Furthermore, the amount of anesthesia used is usually less than traditional surgery. This lowers the possibility of anesthesia-related side effects during surgery and recovery.

3.      Minimal Scarring and better Cosmetic Outcomes

Aside from medicinal benefits, many people seek minimally invasive surgery for cosmetic reasons. Scarring is kept to a minimum with only a few small incisions. Patients who undergo traditional spine surgery may be left with multiple large scars. That is no longer the case with minimally invasive spine surgery. If you are concerned about scarring, you should find out if you are a candidate for minimally invasive surgery.

What to Consider about Minimally Invasive Surgery?

When deciding whether or not spinal surgery is in one’s best interests, it is essential to comprehend the exact clues for this process. While pain is an important consideration, the nature of the injury or condition will be the most crucial indicator of whether minimally invasive surgery is the best option. You should note that many conditions cannot be treated with minimally invasive surgery processes, so it is critical to consult with a doctor with experience in this type of treatment.

After the Surgery (Recovery period)

Compared to traditional therapy, minimally invasive spine surgery causes less pain, less muscle damage, a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery activities. Patients who have undergone minimally invasive spine procedures stay in the hospital for three to five days. The total time to complete recovery varies among individuals and is determined by your spinal problem, the complexity of your process, the expertise of your surgical team, your age, overall health, and other variables. Inquire with your surgeon about the full recovery time for your process. Your doctor may suggest physical therapy to assist you in regaining strength and recovering faster.

Minimally invasive surgery has revolutionized the medical field. You can treat many common spinal injuries with minimally invasive spine surgery. Call Mid Atlantic Orthopedic Associates, LLP, or make an appointment today to learn more about minimally invasive spine procedures.