Is SEO Still Relevant in 2020?

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a process that boosts your appearance in major search engines, including Google. Most are not aware that the algorithms and rules that govern SEO are ever-changing, which means that the strategy you employ a few months ago may not be relevant today.

Search Recon is an SEO agency that can keep your site on top of search rankings. With years of experience and knowledge, the SEO firm will know how to improve your brand’s visibility on Google, social media and others.

SEO has evolved to more than just adding the keywords you want to content. Some algorithm updates are pretty upfront regarding the things companies can do to rank in their respective niche, while other updates are cryptic and don’t offer much explanation.

Part of the SEO work includes researching important keywords and fitting them in meta descriptions, headers, title tags and of course, the content itself. It may sound time-consuming (which it is), but the rewards are great.

Being on the number 1 search result means you get the ‘lion’s share’ of traffic. More traffic means more visitors and having a greater chance of having one buy your products or services. You get recognized as an authority if you leverage that position using time-honored techniques and regular content updates.

To answer the question, SEO is still as relevant as ever. It’s an essential component to any online marketing campaign in that it could mean the difference between getting high-quality leads to losing the battle against your closest competitor.

Without SEO, your website will be lost among hundreds or thousands of sites on the internet. The content you produce should be engaging, relevant and helpful to increase your audience and establish yourself as a leader. It builds up valuable trust among customers and gets more people who may be interested in your product or service.