Make the Most of Your Camping Trip with these Gadgets

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Looking forward to your next adventure, vacation or outdoor activity? Whether trekking, cycling or simply lazing about the beach or swimming pool, you’ll need these four gadgets and a portable food warmer or two for an enjoyable experience.

Sports Cam to Capture Perfect Photos

A sports camera that can take crystal clear shots even when you or the subject is in motion is a must for those who like surfing, white water rafting and scuba diving. Some models even allow for underwater shots and 4K video recording. Look for these, and a wide-angle camera feature so you can show off excellent shots to friends, family and on social media.

Battery Operated Lunch Box to Enjoy Warm Food Anytime

Instead of normal lunch boxes for that picnic, why not get a battery powered lunch box instead? You get the pleasure of eating warm food without having to bring cookware or anything else.

A personal food warmer is perfect for those who want to stick to the food they brought and on-the-go individuals, including travelers, boaties and RV trekkers. They’re super convenient and very portable, too.

A Multi-Purpose Flashlight to See Across Long Distances

If there’s one thing you should always bring on trips, it’s a multi-purpose flashlight. Being prepared for anything that might come your way is important, and this device will certainly come in handy.

Get a flashlight that has features like SOS signaling, various light options such as lamp or beam and possibly have several charging modes. Moreover, it should be water-resistant, compact and last a long time in-between charges.

Emergency Charging Source to Power Your Devices

Powerbanks are good to have when you need to extend the life of a device. In outdoor settings, having an extra pack for emergency calls can bring peace of mind. They’re also a lifesaver for when you want the children distracted for a short while so you can get some personal ‘me time’.

Get a powerbank that’s built tough and allow for a few full smartphone or tablet charges. They should be reasonably light and portable as well.​​​​​​