Potential Career Goals as a Social Worker

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A social worker believes in bringing positive change in a society that is distraught with economic, cultural, traditional, and social shortcomings. Having a voice that has an impact to cause a breakthrough in respective social circles and industries can be a huge responsibility, especially in the face of adequate monetary compensation. A career in social services is a conscious choice with the ultimate goal to serve humanity with compassion, patience, and utmost perseverance.

Every social worker is gifted with the talent to mediate conflict, as well as challenged with countless obstacles yet meaningful opportunities that contribute to the development of a society. From working as a mental health counselor to maintaining the responsibility of an executive director for an NGO – a social worker is not only high in demand but is reputed prestigiously.

As per BLS statistics, a career in social work is in popular demand, and is, therefore, estimated at eighteenth rank in a survey of the 25 highest-ranking jobs. To shed some light on the successful prowess of a social worker, we have discussed 5 potential career choices in the field below!

1)     Executive Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Median Salary per Annum – $93,000

Job Requirement –

  • Organizational Management
  • Respective of Inclusion and Diversity
  • Mediating Harassment and Problematic Affairs
  • Free from Social, Ethnic, Racial, or Gender Bias.

Apart from eradicating world hunger, poverty, and educational distress, a social worker has the opportunity of offering to counsel and mediating services within the corporate sector. Apart from hiring legal advisors and attorneys, a corporation’s biggest motive right now is to become more socially appropriate and responsible for its actions.

But to conduct governmental planning, most corporations prefer hiring highly qualified social workers. For this purpose, an online Masters in Social Work Programs might be a good place to start! Pursue an internship of two years to gain an authoritative experience or simply work your place to the top.

With an overbearing urge to take care of their employees, corporations today, are looking into hiring topnotch social officers for advocating their community development plans and public health demands. Moreover, working in the corporate sector also gives social workers the chance to review, frame or change policy plans of the institution as deemed necessary.

2)     Assistant Director of a Non-Profit Organization

Median Salary per Annum – $52,630

Job Requirement:

  • A bachelor’s in humanities, social work or non-profit (Masters and Experience in working in non-profit organizations highly preferred)
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Good communication and multitasking capabilities
  • Computer-literate
  • Ability to write grants, memoranda, letters-of-recommendation, and proofreading documentation
  • Bookkeeping and presiding over payroll processes

A non-profit organization comprises of a board of executive directors who are equally responsible for presiding over the internal matters of the workforce. But, in actuality, the assistant director of the non-profit organization is the one who handles and drives the reins of the organization. Due to supreme authority, an assistant director is responsible for supervising payroll operations as well as managing the clerical affairs of the organization.

From writing memoranda to bookkeeping to the non-profit organization’s finances and expenses, the demand of an assistant director is expected to increase at a rate of 16% over the next couple of years!

3)     Social Science Researcher

Median Salary per Annum: $63,360

Job Requirements

  • Understanding of Evidence-Based Research Practices (EBP)
  • Ability to conduct and document research data with special attention to the nature of conditions present
  • Highly attentive and responsible for the collection, documentation, and analysis of data

A Social Science Researcher is responsible for conducting professionally abled, thorough and documented research on the factors responsible for impacting the community. The designation’s role is to evaluate the impact of a corporation’s user and privacy policy over its employees and as well as assess the liabilities of an organization by researching areas that require change.

Furthermore, a social science researcher is also required to elaborate on the efficacy of social work in the institution and society with hard and quantifiable data for detailed analysis and change in practice. Social science researchers are often required to engage in evidence-based practice (EBP) to ensure adequate management of social services and ethics within their sector. Their task is to research specific social service programs to ensure their efficacy as per the collected data.

4)     Child Welfare Social Service Officer

Median Salary per Annum: $56,960 (Expected to grow at a rate of 20% by 2022)

Job Requirements:

  • Compassionate and strong intercommunication skills
  • Basic understanding of public health practices and environment
  • Ability to help in the development of treatment plans for well-deserving and non-affording patients

Having to separate the child from the parents might appear ruthless, but for a child welfare social worker, it is always in the best concern for the family. As a child welfare social officer, your role is not limited to providing a healthy foster family to a child whose parents have been accused of neglect or abuse.

You have to first, investigate the true reasons behind the inability of the parents to take care of their child following with the responsibility of connecting them to a loving foster family. Second, you have the prime responsibility of connecting the parents to parenting therapy, job or marriage counseling services, or rehab for alcohol and substance abuse.

5)     Medical /Public Health Social Worker

Medical social workers are not only in high demand but are also paid higher in comparison to careers outside the public health sector. Medical social workers are ideally placed in nursing and retirement homes, tertiary hospitals, emergency rooms, rehabilitation facilities, wellness centers, and hospices. Their main role is to draft the paperwork and assist health practitioners in providing optimum care to ill and deserving patients.

Final Words

With over 50 career choices for a social worker, working as a Good Samaritan for the welfare of people can pay off huge dividends. Most jobs have a basic requirement of hiring a social service officer with a bachelor’s degree in humanities which might be under supervision. But, if you are aiming for corporate or clinical level careers, then a master’s in social work with experience of a minimum of 2 years might be compulsory. On average, a social worker has the potential to earn an average annual salary of $49,470 with an expected 11% rise in growth rate till 2028!