Tech Advancements That Changed Sports

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Technology and sports have become so intertwined that it’s almost impossible not to see one without the other. Though there have been debates that the introduction of tech slowed down the game, others believe that it improved the industry.

Here are the many ways on how technology has impacted the sports industry as a whole.

Computer Software

Computer software are being developed to help the athletes reach their maximum potential and performance. These are mostly used by nutrition and fitness experts to check for areas of improvements and what the professional athlete needs to become better.

Computer software can also generate additional angles and experiences for the viewer. Notable examples include VR, or virtual reality where you’re seated courtside even when you’re not physically in the stadium, and AR or augmented reality, where objects are added in the playing field.

Computers can be used to watch the latest sports games as well. If you’re in Korea you can access 먹튀검증 to watch UFC, NHL, EPL, the NBA and more 100% free.

Camera Systems

Camera systems are widespread and are used in cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis and more. It mainly tracks the ball’s movement to determine rulings and help referees make more accurate decisions.

Instant replay could slow the pace of the game down, but it makes for a fairer and more accurate officiating. In close matches where a single point or possession is absolutely crucial, having a high-end camera system can prove to be invaluable.

Referee Assistance

Referees need all the help they can get, and technology has done what it can to reinforce or change their rulings. Replays in football, basketball and cricket are managed by video replay systems and a third umpire, where other groups are in sync using wireless communications. The moment a dispute is opened, these referees take to the computer and see what happened in slow motion. A discussion takes place and in a few minutes, the call is either overturned or sustained.​​​​​​