The Benefits of Social Media Marketing that Every Business Should Know

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Social media marketing is just a non-negotiable necessity in this day and age – without a social presence, your brand is not going to appeal to audiences. Marketing your business on social media will create a trusted line of communication between you and your customers, as well as opening you up to an entire network of potential new connections and strengthening your branding as a whole. The benefits that every business can enjoy by investing in their social media presence include…

Increased brand awareness and recognition

Brand awareness is one of social media marketing’s strong suits and not one to be glossed over when you’re considering investing in the services of an agency or talented individual. Promote your business in a personable and highly digestible way to a myriad of individuals. A cohesive branding strategy will also mean that your business is more recognisable across different platforms.

New audiences

The reach and scope that you have with a simple social media presence are pretty staggering. Through the use of paid ads, hashtags and engaging content, you’re exposing your company to individuals who might not have ever considered visiting your website, in a matter of seconds!

Better rankings

Social marketing doesn’t directly impact SEO, or search engine optimisation, however, it can dramatically improve your positioning in search engines by proxy. Ranking through keywords and targeted content will encourage more organic traffic to both your social media pages and website.

Customer satisfaction and service

Opening a clear line of communication between you and your audience is incredibly valuable for your brand as a whole. Giving your audience the agency and opportunity to directly interact with your business will give you amazing feedback, customer serviceability and insight into your social sentiment. Real-time feedback on marketing efforts is hugely useful in the long run.

Brand loyalty

That clear line of communication and receptiveness is also going to encourage brand loyalty from your audiences and customers. Brand loyalty encourages an ongoing connection between businesses and customers, securing a demographic’s engagement in your services and subsequently growing your business for the long run.


Social media marketing is a very cost-effective channel to invest in, with huge return overtime. The creation process is absolutely free. Paid promotions and ads, placements and talent are basically your only investments. This makes social very budget-friendly and you can simply adjust your input as your business grows.

Promoting products and services

Promotions are one of the best things about social media marketing. Your audiences are using their profiles to stay up to date with their social circles, networks and brands, meaning they will come across any promotions or services throughout their social media usage. You can promote your business in so many creative ways through visual, design and copy.

Insights and social listening

Talking directly to your customers is the best way to gain valuable insight that you can tangibly act off of. You can also use your social media presence to undergo a little social listening, exploring different platforms to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

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