The Latest Technological Trends in Online Gaming in 2020

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The gaming industry is continuously evolving, and that is unlikely to change any time soon. Forget everything you thought you already knew about online casinos because the game is about to change. The gambling industry keeps reinventing itself mainly because of the viral success of today’s open-world online games. Online casinos like EagleBet are doing their best to stay in touch with technological trends to make online gaming exciting than ever before.

Nowadays, technology, trends and game experiences come up and before we know it they have already faded away. As such, It becomes very challenging to determine what trend will stand the test of time. However, looking ahead in 2020, the following are some of the key trends you should be watching out for in the online gaming industry;

Virtual reality gaming

Virtual reality is basically a simulation. It is a computer-created world that you can enter and be part of by putting on a VR-helmet. It gives the user a unique experience where you can interact with 3D objects and characters. Previously we were only used to the traditional online casinos that only gave us 2D and 3D gaming services. In as much as the 3D gaming experience is pleasant and interactive, it is nothing compared to the experience of real immersive gaming that virtual reality provides. 

One of the significant problems we’ve had with online gaming is that we can’t get the experience of a real-world casino, and that’s what virtual reality is here for. Through VR casinos, players will be able to enjoy the experience of playing in a real casino even through an online one.

Cross-platform gaming

Most platforms are beginning to realize that one of the best ways to increase their markets is by creating games that can be played on a wide range of devices. Gamers are slowly starting to focus more on which games they play and with whom instead of the devices they own. Players who enjoy playing with their friends won’t have to necessarily possess the same gaming platform, whether its Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, among others. Cross-play is already beginning to happen since gamers only need to connect via the internet and not exclusively through their gaming devices anymore. It means that Xbox players can relax and compete fairly with their PS4 counterparts. Even better, both android and iOS device owners can now enjoy playing the same games.

Cloud gaming

Perhaps, cloud gaming is one of the most promising trends of the year 2020. In as much as it’s not a new concept as such, it’s only in the last couple of years that some developers began looking at gaming via streaming platforms. Now with online gaming becoming so popular, Google and other major gaming brands are looking at how they can deliver gaming through cloud solutions. For instance, Google has already launched its Stadia project. With advancing technology, gamers may have access to several affordable and stable gaming platforms. With the capabilities expected of cloud gaming, players won’t need to buy a gaming PC or expensive console anymore.

5G mobile gaming

There have been many uncertainties of the capabilities of 5G, but now it is a reality. It is already proving to be instrumental in the future of mobile gaming. This technology is already benefitting China while the US, UK and a few other countries are getting a taste of the technology as well. 5G promises ten times more speed than 4G so you can expect it to be quite fast. As a result, it is expected to address the ever-recurring problem of lagging in video games. In case 5G becomes a reality for everyone, then we can say goodbye to issues like buffering and latency.

Technology keeps on improving daily, and we can’t help but be happy when it makes our life fun and exciting. As more and more trends in the gaming industry, continue to emerge, we can only hope to get better experiences than those that are already there. Online casinos are seeing more innovations, and soon gaming will be like never before.