Three very useful tips to improve your career pace

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If you are one of those who began to practice the race to improve health and fitness and have ended up hooked to the point of going to races and start wanting to improve brands, here are three basic but very useful tips to improve your career pace.

Weights are also for the runner
Do not confuse weight training aimed at improving the race with wanting to visibly increase our muscle mass. Weight training within the context of the corridor will help us improve our potency and our strength-resistance: this will result in an improvement of the technique when striding and a greater ability of the muscle to respond to efforts with Less fatigue

We can organize bodybuilding sessions twice a week, trying to touch all muscle groups. A resource widely used in runners is to do weight circuits, where we go from one exercise to another with hardly any rest and doing repetitions with medium weight and repetitions ranging from 15 to 20.

We can organize a circuit with seven or nine stations wherein each station we work for the most important muscle groups. With two or three laps to our circuit, we will have done a quite complete bodybuilding session for a runner.

We can organize circuits with weights with free weight exercises or with machines, we can even use elastic bands, especially at the beginning when we are not going to need a lot of intensity. Self-loading exercises such as push-ups, abdominal and dominated plates are also a good resource.

Once or twice a month we can substitute one of these circuits to work the power specifically with analytical exercises, especially the lower train. In these exercises we will put more weight and do fewer repetitions, insisting on performing the rapid movement in the concentric phase and retaining the weight in the concentric phase.

Stop running on level ground and ride hills
Running on a slope is another way to improve the power of your legs, in addition to introducing intensity in your workouts. We can run on a slope in two ways: on the one hand, making series and, on the other, continuously putting a route or circuit where there is at least one slope every kilometer.

We can introduce the slopes once a week, but not the day after a workout in the gym so as not to crush the legs a lot at the muscular level. The slopes are not made to the fullest, but around 90% of our maximum heart rate, so that they provide us with an improvement in power and a better place in the flat.

An alternative to the slopes to gain power may be the stairs, which also provide a different and intense stimulus to the continuous race and with which we managed to increase the rate of shooting. You can organize a session where we climb stairs at a fast pace and slowly descend to rest and start again: we will complete about ten or twelve series after having made a smooth continuous race. It is hard training but it gives its results.

That running almost every day at the same pace and with times close to the hour is fine to gain ground and get fit, but there comes a time when we get stuck and we need to change the chip so that the body increases the cruising speed. That is where the series comes into play: shorter distances than normal at a more intense pace that put a more intense point to training with rhythms that we could not endure for a long time.

The short series range from 100 to 400 meters and the long ones can be considered from 1000 meters to 5000 meters, especially depending on the distance in which we want to compete. Put one day a week of each type of series and among them a long shoot: after taking a couple of weeks doing series you will notice how the long shooting day your pace will be more alive.

The number of series to do in training will depend on our physical condition and the test to consider, but as a general rule we can do about ten repetitions the day of short series and two to five repetitions the day of long series, always preceded by a good warm-up that leaves us in tune to run with intensity.

Although each runner is a world and planning training is not easy, if it is true that for a runner gym work, the slopes and series are essential to improve brands.