Tips for Quick and Efficient Condo Move Packing

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Are you pressed for time and need to move into your new Norwood Grand unit soon? Make it nice and quick so you can enjoy your condo more with these five tips.

Create a Master Plan

The best way to tackle a considerable task, like moving house, is to have a plan that covers all the elements from start to finish. You can map out a route to the quickest moving path and save time having to stop and think of what you should do next. The master plan can be written down in traditional pen and paper or the digital way, like a note-taking or calendar app.

Furniture First

Heavy items such as furniture are normally prioritized over the others, and this includes air conditioners, mattresses, exercise machines, and similar stuff. Take stock of all the furniture you’d like to bring to your new house and if there are any special ways to pack them for moving. For instance, a grand piano may require a professional mover’s service to get from point A to point B without suffering any damage.

Get a Moving Service Ahead of Schedule

It might be better to hire a moving service sooner rather than later. The moment everything’s set and you’re 100% sure of moving, start browsing through available services in the area.

Shop Once for All Your Moving Supplies

Take only one or two trips to the department store or hardware shop for all your moving supplies, e.g., boxes, tape, markers, and filling material.

Friends or Family to Help

Many hands make light work, as the saying goes, and this adage applies to moving house. Each of your family members can be assigned tasks depending on their age and capability, and it’s a great time to bond as well.