TV Aerial Troubleshooting Tips

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Staring at a ‘no signal’ message on your TV?

Chances are that there’s something wrong with your aerial.

Here are four ways you can troubleshoot the problem and get back to watching the local news or your favorite prime time show.

Why is the ‘No Signal’ Message Coming Up?

The no signal message may seem simple but it can actually mean several things.

Your TV is programmed to show the ‘no signal’ error whenever there’s a general issue. To get to the root of the problem you will need to go through a few steps.

Check the Amplifier or Power Supply

Take a quick look at the aerial’s power supply or box and see if it’s plugged in. Your children or pet may have tripped over the wire and accidentally unplugged it, or you could be dealing with a faulty device.

Is the Input Source Correct?

Your TV will have a lot of input ports for different things. For instance, the USB port can accommodate a flash drive, a Chromecast and even an input device. Input signals are the same- it can take in a gaming console, a set top box and a coax cable and blast it out on the screen.

Have You Moved Recently?

An untuned TV will more or less display the ‘no signal’ error. Each time it changes location or gets a new coax cable from the aerial you will need to re-tune it.

Follow your TV’s manual to get it back in good working order.

TV Aerial Repair

Once you’ve exhausted the possibilities, it’s time to consider that your aerial is broken. In this case, it’s best to have a professional take a look at it and conduct a comprehensive repair to get it working again.

Moreover, the technician can check the coax cables and run diagnostics on the aerial to see if there are underlying problems.