Understanding the Email Verification Procedure

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The process of email verification is simply the procedure of verifying the validity of your email address and making sure that it belongs to the right person. The main objective of email verification is to make sure that the real person with the valid email is the one who receives and interact with the email.

Even though so many people have heard about email verification, most of them do not know how this process works. We are going to look at the process of email verification and see why you need to make use of this procedure.

How email verification works

The process of email verification works through steps which, when put together helps you to improve your email deliverability. Even though we have some emails systems that come with different deliverability methods, there are some common things, which is what we are going to look.

Identification of mistakes and other problems before

Here, the system acts like a spelling checker. The system makes sure that you have not made any spelling mistakes before you hand over your email. This makes sure that you do not send any email with some spelling mistakes.

The procedure of email address verification in most cases involves checking your list of emails for spam traps. If you have bee purchasing mailing lists, then there is a good chance you have a few spam traps among the mails. Even though you may have legitimately acquired the email addresses, you could still be having a few spam traps among them.

The role of email verification is to make sure that these addresses are removed from your mailing list as fast as possible. If you send an email to a spam trap, then you may find yourself getting blacklisted by ISPs.

Provider checking the email format

This process involves scanning your mailing lists to see if there are any missing symbols. For instance, any emails that may appear to be missing the @ symbols or any other necessary symbols might result in what is known as a hard bounce.

Domain verification

At this stage, the email service checks the DNS records to make sure that the domain name is right. Other than that, it also checks whether the domain server can receive to the emails. For instance, if someone entered an email address like [email protected], the verification will reject this mail since there is no domain registered under the mail.

Mailbox validation

At this stage, the service uses the SMTP protocol to ensure the existence of the mailbox and its ability to receive messages.

How long does mail verification take for this process

The process of email verification takes under a second to carry out the verification. This means if you are worried about the time taken to carry out this process, then you need not worry. It will only take you a short period to carry out this process.


The steps above are a complete procedure of how the email verification process works. If you are looking for a way of avoiding the spam folder, then you need to consider email verification.