What Are Ultratooth Implants?

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How do you take care of your oral health, other than brushing and flossing? They are other things you can try doing to make your smile even better, including regular dental exams, avoiding tobacco products, drinking fluoridated water, taking fewer alcoholic drinks, and proper management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Ensuring your teeth are in good condition without any defects enhances their function. West Hollywood Ultratooth specialist at Sargon Dental offers comprehensive dental care to promote your smile appearance and dental health function. Read below more about ultratooth.

What is Ultratooth?

It’s an FDA-cleared technique that allows immediate tooth replacement. Ultratooth implants fit directly in your jawbone, and you can use them right away after treatment, including eating any food.

You can easily clean them with low maintenance care. Ultratooth implants are long-lasting and may offer more prolonged results than the typical dental implants.

Why would you choose Ultratooth Dental Implants?

Ultratooth dental implants offer various benefits compared to other dental implants, including:

·         Better oral health

·         Durability

·         Better self-esteem and confidence

·         Convenience

·         Improved speech

·         Better comfort

Ultratooth implants also promote your physical appearance. They replace missing teeth, restore your jaw structure, and make you appear youthful.

Who can benefit from Ultratooth Implants?

During your consultation at Sargon Dental, your provider performs a thorough oral exam, checks your oral health history, and discusses your treatment goals. He then performs oral X-rays to look out for any signs that may indicate gum disease or tooth decay.

Its critical you tell your provider of any existing health problems, including diabetes or high blood pressure. All this information helps enhance successful ultratooth implants installation and prevent any complications.

What does the Ultratooth implants Procedure Involve?

Unlike traditional dental implants, which involve several dental appointments months apart, ultratooth implants require only a single office appointment.

Your provider first administers local anesthesia to enhance your comfort during the procedure. Then, they place ultratooth implants on your jawbone missing teeth. Your provider then designs a customed crown that he places on top for easier chewing and biting.

The ultratooth implants have no downtime, and you can resume your daily life activities after the procedure. They are also ready for use right away.

Are Ultratooth Implants Permanent?

Ultratooth dental implants can last up to 30 years. However, to enhance their function and maintain their durability, daily brushing and flossing are critical. Regular dental visits every six months are essential for professional cleaning and evaluation.

It is best to stay away from habits such as nail-biting, as they may break your implants.

Usually, dental implants involve the metal tooth roots placed in your jawbone surgically. The tooth root and the jawbone merge eventually, giving a permanent solution. The healing process takes about eight weeks or more.

After your jawbone healing, you return to the dental practice to receive your crown attachment. For ultratooth implants, your provider fixes them on your jawbone, then places the crowns, and you are good to use them immediately. If you have missing teeth, you might consider ultratooth implants as your top option. Contact Sargon Dental today to schedule your treatment.